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Tim Armitage

Tim Armitage

Brand & Marketing Strategy | Los Angeles, CA

Tim Armitage is a digital and multichannel marketing strategist who helps consumer brands connect with key audiences using market trends and consumer insights to guide his work. Armitage is admired for his ability to build consensus and accelerate decision making at fast-moving organizations.

Coming to terms with his sexuality at the height of the AIDS crisis, Armitage’s life experience has been directly shaped by the evolution of the disease and its treatment, its boon to gay rights, and its continued impact high-risk groups.

The eleventh of twelve children, Armitage was raised and educated in the Northeast. He transplanted to San Francisco in 1990 and then to Los Angeles in 2002 where he lives with his partner Luis and their terrier mix, Bert.

“Americans have gotten a little too used to living with AIDS and HIV. We consider prevention and treatment to be manageable inconveniences. This complacency is contributing to increased rates of infection in high risk groups. More important, we seem to have lost sight of the fact that in our lifetime, we have an opportunity to put AIDS/HIV behind us for good.”

The end of
HIV and AIDS is insight

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