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Getting to Zero

For more than 25 years AIDS United has been at the forefront of addressing the HIV epidemic through our grantmaking, public policy, technical assistance, and capacity building initiatives. AU has a long history of promoting collaborative local planning and providing strategic grants and technical support to more than 250 community-based organizations (CBOs) across the US.

Our experience has shown that in order to advance HIV prevention efforts, it is essential to provide comprehensive support and culturally competent technical assistance to CBOs that are working hard to identify and engage high‐risk HIV negative individuals in prevention services and link HIV positive people to high quality care.

Getting to Zero (G2Zero), is AIDS United’s new capacity building initiative that specializes in helping CBOs implement creative, cost-effective, and time-proven approaches that reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV. We do this by providing no-cost training and technical assistance on High Impact Prevention and Public Health Strategies, such as the CDC’s Effective Behavioral Interventions and time-tested organizational development tools. 

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G2Zero Partners

Getting to Zero is a network of experts in HIV prevention, treatment, and care, and organizational development for CBOs. We have on the ground experience working directly with or training people who work with high risk groups. Our network includes, but is not limited to, leading organizations in the field such as:

  • The Bridging Group
  • GMHC
  • Harm Reduction Coalition
  • Health Equity Institute, San Francisco State University

The combined expertise and experience of each partner has resulted in numerous tested tools and strategies that can help you help your organization see the end of HIV in your community.

G2Zero Services

Given the shifting landscape of HIV prevention, care, and treatment in the US, CBOs have more demands than ever to decrease the number of individuals who become infected with HIV each year and improve the health outcomes of PLWH/A. CBOs must demonstrate their ability to provide high quality, culturally appropriate, and cost-effective services. G2Zero’s network of CBA providers can partner with you to combine your program expertise with our knowledge of evidence-based, state-of-the-science interventions to help you achieve your High Impact Prevention goals.

Is G2Zero’s Capacity Building Assistance for Your Organization?

Some questions to help you decide:

Would you like to improve the way your CBO identifies and engages with:

  • HIV positive men who have sex with men of color?
  • HIV positive trans women?
  • HIV positive people who have an history of incarceration?
  • Active substance users?
  • Sero-discordant couples?

Are you a mid-level HIV prevention services professional who is looking for new and simple ways to assess and monitor your program’s effectiveness?

Are you a senior manager who would like to create an infrastructure that supports 3rd party billing for HIV-prevention related activities?

Do you need help getting your evidence-based intervention off the ground?

Would you like to better understand the Affordable Care Act and its implications for HIV-related services?

We can help! Here's a small sample of the kind of CBA we offer:

  • Implementing & monitoring prevention programs for high-risk HIV negative individuals
  • Implementing & monitoring access to & retention in care services for HIV positive individuals
  • Trauma-informed & gender-responsive services for HIV positive women
  • Organizational development & readiness assessments
  • Fiscal and federal government grants compliance
  • Effective staff supervision and program management techniques
  • Coaching for mid-level managers
  • Toolkits for how to work with specific high risk populations
  • And much, much more…

For more information about G2Zero, please contact

To request capacity building assistance from AIDS United, click here.

If you are a CBO that would like training or TA on the following evidence-based interventions, click here

AIDS United is a proud member of the CBA Providers Network.

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