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Car Donation Program
AIDS United is pleased to join with the Vehicle Donation To Any Charity Program (VDAC) and the Independent Charities of America to allow our friends to donate an extra car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, airplane, farm equipment or RV into a tax-deductible donation. This service is FREE for donors and FREE for AIDS United!

You can make arrangements to donate your vehicle online or over the phone. It will then be picked up in around one week (call to make arrangements for speedier pick-up).

Quick Facts:
  • You are eligible for an itemized tax deduction of your vehicle’s retail fair market value (more information available on this); and
  • The service is totally free and provides convenient pick-up anywhere in the United States!

How It Works
  1. You visit the VDAC website ( or call their toll-free number (1-866-332-1778) to arrange for your vehicle donation.
  2. Make sure to specify that you want your donation made to “AIDS United”
  3. Whether or not you need to provide the vehicle’s title varies by state. You will be notified of your state’s requirement at this point in the process.
  4. You are then contacted within one week to arrange for your vehicle to be picked up.
  5. When your vehicle is picked up, you will receive a receipt for the retail fair market value.
  6. The vehicle is then readied for auction by VDAC.
  7. The vehicle is sold at auction.
  8. The AIDS United receives a check for the selling price of the vehicle, less the processing costs necessary.
That’s all! Neither the donor nor the AIDS United are ever put at any risk or liability for the title or state of the vehicle.

If for whatever reason the vehicle does not sell at auction, it is disposed of and the costs are absorbed by VDAC. The AIDS United is never sent a bill, only a check!

From the net recovery amount, the charity receives 75% for vehicles that sell for more than $500 and 70% for vehicles that sell for less than $500. V-Dac receives the remainder as its program management and administration fee. From this amount, V-Dac pays ICA, the “central charity,” a 3.75% funds processing fee. The VDAC Program duplicates the same process as the car donation programs of the largest charities of the country. They have partnered with the Independent Charities of America (an affiliation group AIDS United belongs to) in order to bring this cost efficient, time saving and easy process to smaller non-profit organizations across the country.

Please visit our partner’s website to learn more at:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact AIDS United at 202-408-4848 or

Thank you!!!

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