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The HIV Community & COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds across the world, the HIV community has been grappling with unique uncertainty and fear in this unprecedented health crisis. Some of us might be experiencing trauma from the constant news about COVID-19 or are feeling retraumatized from our past experiences with HIV. The AIDS United team is continuing to develop resources, activities and initiatives that address the HIV epidemic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want you to know that you are not alone.


Politicization of the CDC leaves those of us living with HIV wondering who to believe 

While we know evidence should lead decision-making, anti-LGBTQ and partisan bias creep into the decision-making process far too frequently. We have fought to expose these biases for nearly 40 years. We have made progress, but those gains are in danger. The federal government is once again allowing partisan bias to take priority over science.

Lost in the mail: USPS changes delay medication delivery

For a person living with HIV, consistently taking their medication is critical and lifesaving. New changes to the U.S. Postal Service are jeopardizing the value and convenience of getting prescriptions by mail.

COVID relief package dies in the Senate

Whatever hope that was left for Congress to pass desperately needed COVID-19 relief legislation all but vanished as the Senate failed to pass a much smaller, $500 billion coronavirus relief measure.
Notes from the Field: Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition is Familiar with How to Support Community Through Crises Like COVID-19

Sarah Ziegenhorn, executive director of the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, reflects on how the coalition has weathered the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and what others can learn from their experiences.
Notes from the Field: CrescentCare’s work to Support the New Orleans HIV Community Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Much like organizations across the country, the onset of COVID-19 turned everything “completely upside down” for the staff of CrescentCare  but it has not slowed down the pace and urgency of their work. 
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AIDS United has fought to make sure the communities most impacted by HIV — including gay and bisexual men, communities of color, women, people who use drugs, and people living in the Deep South — have access to high-quality, affordable health care. COVID-19, and our nation’s response to it, threatens to undo much of that progress. That’s why we’re working to equip our partners in the field with the tools they need to sustain and continue their work.

You can help. Your donation will support programming, like the Relief, Recovery and Resilience webinar series, designed to build the resilience of grassroots organizations across the country as they directly serve people and populations at greatest risk.

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Jesse Milan Jr. Delivers Keynote Address at AMSA Convention 2020

CDC’s Dr. Jonathan Mermin addresses COVID-19 & HIV at AIDSWatch 2020 



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