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Monique Tula

Monique Tula

Director of Access to Care

Monique Tula can easily be called a “Jill of all Trades” in the HIV field!  Starting on her journey in 1994, Tula became a volunteer with the LA Gay and Lesbian Center after losing a young friend to the illness. After moving to Massachusetts shortly thereafter, she took a job as an administrative assistant at a small AIDS service organization.  What followed has been the cultivation of extensive experience in the development and management of HIV-related public health programs; strategic planning; grant-making; and organizational development.

“My life has been forever changed by HIV, both personally and professionally,” Tula said. “This work has given me direction, purpose and the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Tula, Director of AIDS United’s Access to Care portfolio, came to AIDS United in 2012 from AIDS Action Committee (AAC) in Massachusetts.  At AAC she was Vice President of Program Planning and Development, and responsible for the agency’s HIV and viral hepatitis health promotion, prevention and training programs.  In her role at AAC, Tula was the point person for the Access to Care project supported by AIDS United and the Social Innovation Fund, so the transition from AAC to AU was organic and seamless.  

“I love working with AIDS United,” Tula said. “This is, hands down, the best job I’ve had! As a person who has spent so much time at the ground level—either providing direct service or running programs—I get to bring my own unique perspective to AIDS United and help enhance the way we manage our grantmaking portfolios and technical assistance programs.”

An alumna of the Centers for Disease Control’s Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership, Tula is a former adjunct faculty member at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and has been a trainer with the Community Health Educator Center in Boston and the New York Harm Reduction Coalition.  Recently nominated for the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership award, Ms. Tula holds a degree in Community Planning with a concentration in Non-Profit Management from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership and Management from Boston University’s School of Management.

“Whether through policy, direct service, organizational development, or just having one on one time with people who are as deeply impacted by the virus as I am, it’s extremely gratifying to know that I am part of a movement that will have lasting impact for decades to come,” she said.

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