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Beyond Testing: Empowering Women to Pursue Healthy Lives

While I still have a lot to learn and do during my service, I appreciate each moment with my clients. I am part of a conversation; an exploration of a complex yet often overlooked human experience. While subtle, I can see that I am offering something beyond testing – I’m offering dignity, a break from fear, from the unknown, and from stigma.

Posted By: Delaney Green, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team New Orleans - Saturday, May 30, 2015


Behind The Scenes: A Filmmaker in San Francisco | #PrideInPrevention

Upon seeing AIDS United’s #PrideInPrevention promotion, I knew this topic hit close to home. I live in San Francisco, a city with one of the largest populations of LGBT people and highest rates of HIV in the United States. Nationally, HIV infection rates have raised 22% in gay and bisexual men since 2008 and almost 50,000 people become infected each year. In San Francisco, almost one in four gay or bisexual men is living with HIV.

Posted By: Maya John, San Francisco, California - Friday, May 29, 2015


A.C.E. Takes #PrideinPrevention

“I think HIV prevention is very important. I always encourage friends to get tested and know their status because self care is community care,” Anthony Estrada.

Posted By: Alfredo Flores, MGroup Facilitator/Outreach Prevention Services - Thursday, May 28, 2015


ConnectedBoston | #PrideInPrevention

The objective of Connected Boston, a program of the Multicultural AIDS Coalition, is to provide “men of color who have sex with men” (MSM of Color) with access to sexual, mental, and general health resources in environments where these resources are absent or scarce.

Posted By: Mike Yepes and Matheus Cabral - CONNECTEDBoston Community Action Board - Monday, May 18, 2015


Seeing Red: The Next Generation in the Fight against HIV/AIDS | #PrideInPrevention

Wow! Here we are in 2015 and HIV/AIDS is still affecting millions of people around the world. Who would of thought? This is why the work we do as advocates and health educators is so important! Where are my manners? My name is Benjamin Di’Costa a 24-year-old bisexual man living in Chicago, IL. I currently work in HIV prevention, specifically with young same gender-loving men who are living with HIV or at high risk.

Posted By: Benjamin Di’Costa, Chicago Illinois - Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Wrap it Up | #PrideInPrevention

Hello, my name is Gavin McClanahan. I am 21 years old and part of the Vegas Mpowerment Project in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through the Vegas Mpowerment Project and the Southern Nevada Health District, I help promote safer sex at local bars and bathhouses by handing out condoms, lube, and by helping people learn their HIV status with free testing.

Posted By: Gavin McClanahan, Las Vegas, Nevada - Tuesday, May 12, 2015


AIDSWatch 2015 and the Trans* Experience

What do you do when you are invited into a space and seemingly forgotten once you are present?

Posted By: Tommy Luckett is a Little Rock, Arkansas-based PWN-USA member and an adviser with the network Positively Trans. - Friday, April 24, 2015


One Ounce of Truth: The Collective Power of AIDSWatch 2015

Stop! I immediately thought of HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS) and the truth we were striving to share with members of Congress on April 14, 2015. Four hundred advocates from thirty states and Puerto Rico were about to converge on Capitol Hill as part of AIDSWatch 2015. One of my peers said, “You cannot stay adherent to medications if you are homeless.” Another said, ”There are currently fifty thousand households served by HOPWA while 1.2 million people in America live with HIV.”

Posted By: Susan Mull is a PWN-USA member, poet, writer, educator, and longtime activist based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. - Friday, April 24, 2015


At the Intersection of Health & Social Justice: the Transgender Health Summit 2015

The collective energy and excitement among participants at the 2015 Transgender Health Summit was obvious upon our arrival. During the opening plenary, we learned that the due to community demand, the conference had nearly doubled in attendance since the previous conference. This growth parallels the long overdue attention to the needs and realities of transgender people in the US in regards to HIV prevention and treatment. AIDS United served as a sponsor of the event, and I felt proud to be a part of a team that added to the success of this important gathering.

Posted By: Maura Riordan, Vice President of Access & Innovation, AIDS United - Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Exchanging More than Needles: The Point of Replicating a Harm Reduction Housing Model

We, The Open Door, Inc., are ecstatic to announce our new partnerships, due to the generous support from AIDS United and MAC AIDS Fund! As a part of the Retention in Care portfolio, The Open Door, Inc. planned to aid other individuals or organizations in starting their own harm reduction, housing first program in two different cities.

Posted By: Christina Farmartino, MPH, Executive Director, and Joseph Hough, Social Work Intern, The Open Door, Inc. - Thursday, April 02, 2015

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