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AIDS United AmeriCorps Alumni Spotlight: Maya Kailas

Maya Kailas served as an AIDS United AmeriCorps program in Chicago, IL from 2014-2015. She recently began medical school at Boston University. We caught up with Maya to discuss her experience in medical school, how she stays involved in public health, and how AmeriCorps influenced her career goals.

Posted By: Sarah Hashmall, Program Manager, AIDS United AmeriCorps Alum ‘09-11 - Friday, April 08, 2016


Thank You, Flint!

This week is AmeriCorps Week! It's a week to recognize and show gratitude for the significant impact AmeriCorps members make in communities across our great nation. It's also a great chance for AmeriCorps members to use their place in the spotlight to roll up their sleeves, strut their stuff, and get things done for America. This past weekend AIDS United AmeriCorps Members and alumni from Cleveland, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit did exactly that in Flint, Michigan.

Posted By: AIDS United AmeriCorps/AFC Team Cleveland - Tuesday, March 08, 2016


The Power of Pleasure: A Smarter Conversation on Sexual Health

This past week, I participated in a training on anal sex and pleasure. Yes, you heard me right; I spent two full days engaging in intimate and educational conversations about butt sex. Admittedly, it was quite an exhilarating experience talking about such a taboo topic in American society. My interest was definitely peaked, I mean, how often does one get to actively discuss the anatomy of their anus and how to appropriately pleasure it? The training wasn’t just rebellious fun though; it was also incredibly engaging and thought provoking. I walked away feeling empowered and informed. Sometime during my drive back home, it occurred to me, I’ve been going about prevention education the wrong way this whole time! Instead of talking about safer sex, I should be talking about “smarter sex.”

Posted By: Joshua Kratz, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team Cleveland - Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Building Communities to Counter HIV Stigma

At the headline: “Taking China’s Fight Against AIDS Online” immediately, I was hooked. This year, I am serving as an AFC/AIDS United AmeriCorps Member in Cleveland, but I was curious how HIV education and prevention is carried out in other countries, especially those who have notoriously spoken out against homosexuality. Homosexuality in China was only decriminalized in 1997, and in the years since, stigma and discrimination still run rampant.

Posted By: Roxanne Krausert, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team Cleveland - Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We’re All in this Together

I am serving as an AIDS United AmeriCorps Member in Cleveland through the AIDS Funding Collaborative. Recently, during a discussion about sexual health with teenagers at a local high school, a student made a particularly poignant statement that resonated with me. She very bravely and truthfully explained to the group that if she didn’t know someone living with HIV, then she was not very likely to think about her own risk of contracting the virus. And as much as I hated to admit it, she was right. Despite the fact that HIV affects all of us, until we can personally connect to something, we often do not care about it.

Posted By: Chelsea Wood, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team Cleveland - Friday, February 12, 2016


Sizing Up Success

At a medical school interview last week, my interviewer asked how in my future medical practice I would define success. His question made me think about my current AIDS United AmeriCorps service, doing HIV, STI, and pregnancy testing at the Latin American Youth Center via the Washington AIDS Partnership. How, I wondered, should I gauge success in my current position?

Posted By: Lily Gage, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team DC - Monday, February 08, 2016


AmeriCorps Can be such a Drag!

As Ms. Queencenera, I have been able to expand my reach as an AIDS United AmeriCorps Member, serving in Albuquerque. Within the drag community, I have been able to have real conversations about HIV and risk, as well as stigma that still exists in the community.

Posted By: Jeff Devereaux, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team New Mexico - Thursday, February 04, 2016


Food, Friends, and So Much More

I joined Food & Friends in August 2015 as part of the year-long AIDS United AmeriCorps program, through the Washington AIDS Partnership. I selected to serve with Food & Friends because I wanted to better understand how food, along with medications and health literacy, can lead to improved wellness. I spend the majority of my time visiting with clients during their “First Day Delivery.” During these appointments I walk through our service and assess the client’s living conditions, family composition, and any additional health factors. It is a joy having the opportunity to meet with the people whom we serve!

Posted By: Camille Washigton, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team DC - Monday, February 01, 2016


Scott County, It’s Not Over

I had the unique opportunity to go to Scott County and help with the latest testing blitz, along with the CDC. In my four days of testing in Scott County, I served alongside Colleen, an employee of the CDC. Colleen taught me so much about being a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) and also about life in general!

Posted By: Paige Chambers, AIDS United AmeriCorps Team Indianapolis - Tuesday, January 26, 2016


AIDS United AmeriCorps Alumni Spotlight: Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris is a Program Coordinator at Mount Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine in New York City. Originally from Chicago, she served as an AIDS United AmeriCorps member in Washington, DC from 2010-2012. She recently completed BRAKING AIDS ride, a 300 mile bike ride from Boston to New York, to raise funds and awareness around HIV/AIDS. We caught up with Naomi to discuss her work, the BRAKING AIDS ride, and how AmeriCorps influenced her career.

Posted By: Sarah Hashmall, Program Manager, AIDS United AmeriCorps Alum ‘09-11 - Tuesday, January 05, 2016

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