National AIDS Fund Announces Availability of Grant Resources For Access To Care (A2C) Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C.   September 20, 2010 - The National AIDS Fund (NAF) with support from the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), has announced the opportunity for grant support through its Access to Care (A2C) initiative.  The goal of A2C is to increase the access and consistent utilization of effective HIV healthcare by people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), particularly those living in poverty, who know their HIV status but are not receiving HIV-specific care or support. Over the next 3-5 years, NAF will support approximately 8-12 highly affected states, regions and communities across the country to facilitate access to healthcare by strengthening support and service systems and addressing barriers that affect people's readiness or ability to participate in HIV healthcare.

Grantseekers are encouraged to focus their applications on marginalized populations that traditionally have less access to, and retention within, medical care.  Additionally, NAF seeks to spur innovative solutions to problems that have existed for PLWHA since the beginning of the epidemic - intersecting structural barriers to HIV care that include: systems of care that do not address health needs with cultural competency, a lack of quality HIV care in rural or impoverished areas, lack of treatment self-efficacy among PLWHA, stigma and its impact on prevention, care and treatment deficiencies, the individual level dynamic that is the result of HIV infection being only one of many competing health and well-being challenges.

Because resources from the Social Innovation Fund (an initiative administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service) are intended to help the HIV/AIDS community leverage private sector resources,  grantees must provide a local 1:1 dollar match toward their grant awards. NAF recognizes that communities will require assistance in identifying and accessing additional resources, and will work with grantee communities in an effort to facilitate the process.  Grant amounts are expected to fall into a range of $200,000 - $800,000 annually, depending upon the scope, scale and numbers of individuals being reached in the proposed project. This range includes the local match amounts that grantees will be responsible for raising with NAF's assistance.

Applications should be coordinated by a lead entity for each project, and priority will be given to efforts that share resources and involve multiple community partners that together have the trust of populations that experience the greatest challenges accessing healthcare.   Deadline for lead organizations to apply for a SIF-funded A2C grant is Monday, November 15, 2010, no later than 5 p.m. applicant's time zone.

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"For this unprecedented opportunity to bring community together with local public and private sectors, the National AIDS Fund is expecting a great deal from both grantseeker and grantee," said NAF President and CEO Kandy Ferree.  "Applicants will have to show that their proposed program is part of a tightly coordinated state or community initiative, demonstrate their capacity to successfully leverage their matching requirement from their local public and private funders, and participate in extensive evaluation activities that will document community strategies and measure outcomes.  The rigor of these requirements, however, will yield strengthened support and service systems and reduced barriers to care in our nation's populations most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS."