AIDS United Commends FDA on Approval of OraQuick In-Home HIV Test

Statement of Victor Barnes, Interim President and CEO, AIDS United

Washington D.C. - July 5, 2012 - AIDS United commends the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its approval of the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test.

Thanks to the FDA's approval of OraQuick, people will have access to the first-ever over-the-counter HIV test that detects the presence of HIV antibodies using a mouth swab and returns a result in 20 to 40 minutes. This is an unprecedented opportunity for people to learn their HIV status in the privacy of their homes, and an important new tool in helping prevent HIV transmission.

Today, CDC estimates approximately 20 percent of the 1.2 million Americans living with HIV are unaware of their HIV status. They may need life-saving care and treatment. They may not be taking steps to prevent transmitting HIV to others. This new mechanism of reaching people who may not otherwise seek out HIV testing can help save lives.

In May 2012, AIDS United submitted written testimony to the FDA in support of the approval of OraQuick, recommending that OraSure, manufacturer of OraQuick, ensures the link to post-test counseling and treatment services. AIDS United also urged that labeling of the test kit include clear information about the need for follow-up testing, as well include as the basics of HIV transmission and HIV prevention behaviors.

AIDS United is encouraged that the availability of this over-the-counter in-home HIV test is a pivotal new tool in the toolbox to help us end the AIDS epidemic in the United States.

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