AIDS United Political Director Bill McColl Quoted in Two Publications

Friday's edition of the Washington Post featured an article on how Congress’ delay in passing a federal budget has led to a hold up in distribution of HIV funding that pays for basic medical care and essential support for more than 500,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, according to officials and advocates.  In the article, Bill McColl, Political Director for AIDS United and co-chairman of a working group that monitors Ryan White Care Act funding, is quoted as saying, “A very large part of the delay was created by Congress”. McColl organized the conference call after hearing from city officials on the East and West Coasts who were looking for their money. “It’s a terrible way to do budgeting.”

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McColl also had a quote appear in a POZ article entitled, "Facing the Future of HIV Care." The article talks about how the future of health care for people living with HIV will be affected by the nation's economic volatility and Congress' recent propensity to make drastic cuts to domestic discretionary programs including health services that benefit people living with HIV. In the POZ article, McColl comments on the difficult situation: “Part of our problem,” says William McColl, political director for AIDS United in Washington, DC, “is that HIV care is so specialized. We’ve got an entire system that’s been propped up in some ways by this specialty care that Ryan White–funded programs have provided. Providers don’t really make money [with] HIV. It costs a lot, and there’s not a huge reimbursement. We’re going to have to force that system to change.”

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