AIDS United Welcomes Important Step Forward in HIV Prevention

Statement of Ronald Johnson, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy

Washington D.C. – June 27, 2012 -- "AIDS United welcomes the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the use of Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection in uninfected individuals.  Truvada is an antiretroviral drug produced by Gilead Sciences, Inc. lead’s used to treat HIV infection and is the first drug to be approved by the FDA for use as PrEP.

"AIDS United views the FDA’s approval of Truvada as PrEP as an important step to increase the available options for a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention, especially for individuals who are at high risk of HIV infection. There are several critical policy and implementation issues with the approval of Truvada for use as PrEP and in implementing PrEP overall.  Issues of affordability and accessibility to those who can benefit from Truvada as PrEP and the importance of adherence to the regimen and the continued need to practice safer sex when using PrEP must be addressed.  The need for on-going research, including additional clinical trials for women, gay men of color and other vulnerable populations, is also noted.  AIDS United included these issues in the comments that it made to the committee advising the FDA on Gilead’s application to approve Truvada for use in PrEP.

"AIDS United will stay engaged with public and private stakeholders to ensure that implementing PrEP, and the use of Truvada in particular, maximizes the potential benefits of this advancement in HIV prevention and reaches the populations most in need."