Kenyan Organization Receives AIDS United’s 2012 Innovative Strategy Award

Organization awarded $25K in unrestricted funding, attendance to International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. –  July  24, 2012 – Provincial General Hospital Comprehensive Care Centre (PGH CCC), from Nakuru County in Kenya, Africa has received AIDS United’s 2012 Innovative Strategy Award for Access and Retention in HIV/AIDS Care.  The health care facility is receiving $25K in unrestricted funding, as well as all expenses paid for key staff to attend the 2012 International AIDS Conference. 

AIDS United created Innovative Strategy Award to highlight effective, low-cost, and scalable innovations that have to greater access, engagement, and retention in care for PLWHA. PGH CCC’s award-winning intervention is called the One Shilling Initiative, where its HIV positive members from different HIV/AIDS comprehensive care centers in Nakuru County in Kenya, save one shilling every day. The collection is then deposited in a bank account and used to assist its members by giving them bus fare to honor their clinic appointments, start income generating activities, and get loans at no interest and  the purchase of opportunistic infection drugs not available in local hospitals.  The One Shilling Initiative promotes treatment adherence and provides its members a renewed sense of living through psychosocial, financial and emotional support.

“We are at a crossroads to ending the HIV pandemic in our lifetimes,” said Vice President of Access and Innovation Maura Riordan.  “ Recent studies show significant decreases in transmission of HIV to partners among those who are on treatment and are virally suppressed (96%),  only 19% of those living with HIV in the US are retained in care and virally suppressed. We must do more, and think creatively and strategically about how we will solve the formidable challenges that this reality presents. Ending the epidemic, and ensuring that all people living with HIV/AIDS in the US are actively engaged in care, are within our reach.

“Societal barriers like stigma and denial, and structural barriers like poverty and transportation issues, continue to threaten the ability of those needing HIV care to getting that care, said Riordan.   “PGH CCC’s One Shilling Initiative is an inspiring example of how we can think out-of-the-box in dealing with these barriers to care in a comprehensive way.  Addressing much more than just the structural barrier of transportation costs, the One Shilling Initiative helps overcome stigma by building a renewed  sense of what is possible when pooling resources and supporting one another to succeed.  and stay  healthy by staying in care and on treatment.  AIDS United is proud to present them this award for the continuation of this amazing and effective program. We are excited to have our global peers in the epidemic help those of us focused on the US epidemic expand our tool box of strategies on the ground to get more people into care, and provide the care and services that will keep them engaged over time.”