Protect Medicaid for People Living with HIV/AIDS!

Where the States Stand
Via: The Advisory Board Company

Can we count on YOU to help protect health care for people with HIV/AIDS?

Medicaid—the largest provider of care for people living with AIDS—is on the line. Congress is currently considering proposals that would roll back the wins of health care reform and make it harder for low-income individuals, including those living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS, to qualify for Medicaid and access the medical care and services they need to stay healthy and productive.

Congress needs to hear from YOU and others in your community about why Medicaid matters for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Check out the Medicaid Defense toolkit for everything you need to help Congress get the message that cutting the health safety net will hurt low-income Americans, and our nation as a whole. Whether you need a quick script for calling Congress or the essential steps of how to organize a meeting with your U.S. representative or senator, the toolkit can help. Here’s what you’ll find our toolkit:

AIDS United is here to help with your advocacy. If you have questions about what you can do to protect Medicaid, please contact Melissa Donze, Public Policy Assistant at