Do-It-Yourself Legislative Visits With Your Members of Congress During the August Recess

The August recess is the perfect time for you and your organization to meet with your Members of Congress to remind them that HIV is an issue that impacts YOUR community! Beginning August 3, 2013, until September 8, 2013, Members of Congress will be in their districts, conducting town halls and meeting with constituents to understand what issues are impacting them. AIDS United has put together an August recess toolkit that can be used by individuals and organizations to make the most out of this month-long recess.

Our August recess advocacy toolkit is specifically designed for HIV/AIDS advocates like you! Using Prezi, a web-based presentation application, we will take you through a fun and easy-to-follow presentation that will enable any HIV advocate - including you! - to 1) Find Your Members of Congress, 2) Organize a Meeting, 3) Meet Your Members of Congress and 4) Follow-Up – all from your home district! You don’t need to come to Washington, D.C. to have an influence on Capitol Hill!

Quick Start : Press the "play button" (the sideways triangle) on the Prezi graphic below. Once the Prezi is loaded, you may click to view the Prezi in full-screen mode by holding your mouse cursor over the "More" button which can be found at the bottom right of the Prezi graphic. In full-screen mode, use your left and right keyboard arrows to go backward and forward respectively in the presentation.

Quick Tips on How to Use the Prezi Presentation



** Bring two copies of each of the fact sheets to your meetings -- one for yourself and one to leave behind for the staff person with whom you meet**

Correspondence with Congress:

Meeting Request Letter, Sample

Meeting Follow-Up and Thank You Letter, Sample

Ask #1: Integrate and support the Ryan White Program throughout implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Fact Sheet and Asks: Integrate and Support the Ryan White Program Throughout Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Ask #2: Appropriate increased funding for HIV-related programs

Fact Sheet and Asks: Appropriate Increased Funding for HIV-Related Programs

AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition (ABAC) Chart of Federal HIV/AIDS Funding for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014

Ask #3: Support a comprehensive immigration bill with a path to citizenship and health care access for aspiring citizens

Fact Sheet and Asks: Support a Comprehensive Immigration Bill with a Path to Citizenship and Health Care Access for Aspiring Citizens

Bonus Ask: Maintain SNAP as a viable safety net program and oppose further cuts

Fact Sheet and Asks: Maintain SNAP as a Viable Safety Net Program and Oppose Further Cuts


Follow-Up Survey - Click here to give us feedback about your meetings!


Questions? Contact Melissa Donze, Policy Assistant, at or 202-408-4848 ext. 262.