Voter Mobilization Toolkit

With so much on the line this election year, it is critical that the HIV/AIDS community ramp up is involvement in the electoral process. AIDS United developed a comprehensive Voter Mobilization Toolkit to help organizations engage, educate, and mobilize voters as well raise the profile of the issues that matter most to people living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS. The Toolkit offers Five Ways YOU Can Get Involved in the 2012 Elections. Learn how to build an informed base of voters, make voter registration fun and easy, educate candidates on HIV/AIDS issues, fight voter suppression, and Get out the Vote.

The kit includes a PowerPoint presentation that walks you through What’s at Stake in 2012, Election Rules for Non-Profits, How to Get Involved in the 2012 Elections, Bird-dogging, How to Build a Voter Mobilization Plan, Examples from the Field, and how AIDS United can support your efforts.

AIDS United also developed materials to help your organization create and implement a successful plan to increase participation by people living with and concerned about HIV/AIDS in the elections. Use the Voter Mobilization Resource Assessment Tool to identify opportunities, possible partners to engage, and the resources your organization has on hand to support your efforts. The Sample Voter Mobilization Resource Assessment Tool provides ideas of useful resources.  Use the Voter Mobilization Planning Tool to create your plan. It will guide you through the development of realistic goals that reflect your capacity and resources, help you determine who is responsible for those tasks, and create a timeline.  The toolkit also includes a completed Sample Voter Mobilization Plan with sample goals and action steps to achieve those goals. Together, these resources will help you develop and put into action a strong organizing plan to increase participation of the HIV/AIDS community in the 2012 elections.

Contact the AIDS United Organizing Team to let us know what you have planned and how your efforts are going! Email with questions, for more ideas on how to organize around this year’s elections, and to share what you are doing in your community.


AIDS United Voter Mobilization Toolkit

Sample Voter Mobilization Plan

Five Ways YOU Can Get Involved in the 2012 Elections

Know the Rules: What Non-Profits Can and Can’t Do in Elections

Voter Mobilization Resource Assessment Tool

Voter Mobilization Resource Assessment Sample

Voter Mobilization Planning Tool

Sample Voter Mobilization Plan