Message from the President & CEO


By marrying HIV medical advancements, surveillance data, workforce development, policy, and a national charge, we are at a seminal moment in time and, indeed, in the history of HIV.

AIDS United is dedicated to harnessing this momentum and staying focused on our charge to end AIDS within the United States. A promise, by definition, declares that something can be done as well as a commitment for making it so. Here at AIDS United, making the promise of the end of AIDS a reality is more than our annual report theme; it’s germane to everything we do.

The data we have today not only shows a more comprehensive picture of HIV in America than ever before, it also enables us to focus our efforts in a way that can truly achieve results.

We have the science, technology, and tools needed to curtail this epidemic, as well as the communication channels to disseminate and arm our grantees and partners. We have medication that, when taken consistently, can offer decades of extended life and improved health outcomes for those of us infected while also reducing future transmissions by more than 96%. We understand the power of viral suppression through treatment for both those living with HIV and those at risk. We also understand the steps to viral suppression where we must make up ground, from knowing one’s status to linkage and retention in care.

AIDS United has one of the most extensive HIV networks in America with which to carry out this work. That means a presence nationally, in communities most in need of our services, the ability to mobilize staff including AmeriCorps members as new outbreaks arise, and a consistent presence on Capitol Hill influencing policy so that our gains can have the broadest reach and longest-lasting impact.

With every investment, 90 cents on the dollar goes directly to communities across the country. That means every investor in AIDS United—whether big or small—knows that they too are helping fulfill this promise and moving us ever closer to an AIDS-free reality.