Unifying the HIV Community + Mobilizing Advocates

AIDS United advocates with and on behalf of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and the organizations that serve them. AIDS United houses the most seasoned, connected, and respected domestic AIDS policy team in Washington, DC, which has been instrumental in the development and implementation of major public health policies that improve the quality of life for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

AIDS United’s Public Policy Committee (PPC) is the largest and longest running community-based HIV/AIDS coalition in the country. In 2014 alone, the PPC grew by 20%. Beyond sheer size, however, is AIDS United’s strength as a major power player in the policy and advocacy field. It is through tireless commitment, unwavering passion, and subject-matter expertise that AIDS United’s policy staff—along with the PPC—achieved critical legislative wins in 2014 and continues to be the “go to” source on domestic HIV policy.

Through individual Hill visits, PPC coalition work, social media campaigns, AIDSWatch Hill advocacy day, congressional briefings, White House meetings, and budgetary and congressional legislative wins, 2014 was as busy as it was successful.

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“Joining the AIDS United Public Policy Committee (PPC) was a critical step in our policy agenda to ensure that women and girls living with HIV/AIDS are an integral part of local, national, and global discussions about issues that affect their lives. We believe the AU PPC is ‘the table’ to be at and are grateful to be part of it.

- Martha Sichone-Cameron, Director of Policy & Advocacy Programs, The Women’s Collective

AIDS United

has brought together organizations from all regions of the country to find true consensus on important but complicated issues. To make the promise of an end of AIDS a reality requires both individual and collective participation and, for that, AIDS United is always here to help, and always here to champion.

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HILL VISITS Keeping Needs at the Forefront
POLICY CAMPAIGN Raising Awareness, Shifting the Conversation

Shifting dialogue about PrEP implementation with broad, unified statement released by entire PPC membership in tandem that showed support for PrEP but also addressed critical barriers to full implementation.

Social media campaign launched by AIDS United to raise awareness, increase uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and shift dialogue towards action, because as the science shows #PrEPWorks.
Over 500 people and organizations from all parts of the United States participated in the campaign!

POLICY ACTION CENTER Keeping You in “The Know”

AIDS United launched the Policy Action Center. The Center covers important HIV issues, helps users find and track legislation, connect with their congressional representatives, and access tools to be successful HIV advocates. The Center also facilitates AIDS United’s engagement of its advocacy network on specific issues.

Having a Seat at the Table for Key Discussions

• 10% Administration Clarification from HRSA, which relieved hardships on HIV-serving agencies whose direct program expenses fell under the previously overly-restrictive interpretation—hindering their ability to best serve people living with HIV

• Referenced in White House Report on the Intersection of Women, Violence, and HIV, including the technical summit convened by AIDS United

• Sponsored Congressional Briefing on the Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence, Women, and HIV that brought together over 35 congressional offices and several federal agencies, communitybased organizations, advocates, and more

• Cosponsored the 2014 Congressional Briefing on the Impact of HIV, AIDS, and Viral Hepatitis among Hispanics in the U.S. South and Puerto Rico.

LEGISLATIVE WINS Tackling the Tough Issues


After relentless advocacy and coalition work, AIDS United was able to secure stable domestic HIV funding.

Repel HIV Discrimination Act

Broadened language and resulted in military review of HIV practices related to criminalization

Making Drug Prices Fair

AIDS United worked with Congress to develop legislative language to establish cost-sharing limits, thus eliminating the unfair cost-sharing practices that lead to unnecessary out-of-pocket spending on life-saving medications, including those for HIV