In the early years of the HIV epidemic we had more questions than answers. Communities across the country were being devastated by a virus that until 1983 didn’t even have a name. Back then, all we had was hope — and I never imagined just how far we’d come in my lifetime.

Today, HIV can be managed as a chronic medical condition. Through new and improved medications, expanded access to health insurance, and an updated understanding of the relationship between treatment, care, and prevention we’ve never been closer to ending the epidemic.

But there is still more to do before we finish the job.

As a black man I know that the HIV-related disparities faced by my community are egregious. Even when tested and connected to care, we still experience disparities in health outcomes. It is clear that we need to address structural determinants of health that perpetuate stigma and limit access to health care in the United States.

AIDS United, working at the crux of sound policy and effective programs, is determined to get the job done. Whether it is finding unique solutions to address systemic racism, creating opportunities for underserved people to access care, providing expert technical assistance, or advocating for sound HIV policy — I’m continually wowed by the passion and dedication of AIDS United and its many partners.

As the newly elected Chair of the Board of Trustees, I’m thrilled to be part of this movement.

To our staff, grantees, partners, and donors, I want to thank you on behalf of the entire Board of Trustees for your unwavering commitment to AIDS United and this work. This report, which provides highlights of our many accomplishments and shares the values that keep our aim true, is dedicated to you.


Chair of the AIDS United Board of Trustees