AIDS United is singularly focused on ending the AIDS epidemic in the United States. During our almost 30-year history, we have changed and grown the funding landscape for HIV and transformed the policy environment.

We have worked tirelessly to identify, fund, and support community-driven responses to the AIDS epidemic.

To date we have directly funded more than $98 million to local communities and have leveraged more than $115 million in additional support for programs that include access to care for people living with HIV, capacity building for community-based organizations, HIV prevention, advocacy, syringe access, and more.

Through our Public Policy Committee, we’ve built the largest and strongest coalition of HIV-focused organizations working at the community level. Our coalition works together every day to ensure national and local policies reflect local realities and support an effective response to the end of AIDS.

Guiding all that we do is our deep commitment to our values, some of which we share in this report.

Values like...

These values are our North Stars. These keep us true to our charge and earnest in our approach.

Join us in this journey. Every donation, big or small, puts us that much closer to ending AIDS in America.