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Thank you for your interest in the AIDS United AmeriCorps Program. We offer an exciting, challenging, and life-changing program to our AmeriCorps members. The information below will likely answer some of your questions as you think about applying for our 2015-2016 service year. 

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Applications for the 2016-2017 service year are open until June, 15, 2016.  We encourage you to apply early as member slots may be filled prior to the application deadline!

How long is a term of service? 
The 2016 - 2017 term begins August 7, 2016 and runs through July 7, 2017. You should be available for full-time service (around 40 hours a week) throughout your service year. Evening and weekend events are occasionally required. If you cannot commit to the full service year, please consider applying to serve with us another year. 

Can I have a job or go to school while serving with AIDS United?
Being an AmeriCorps Member is a full-time commitment and must be your first priority during the service year. Most Member placements require you to be available during regular school and business hours and will sometimes need you to attend evening and weekend events. If you can schedule your work or school around AmeriCorps responsibilities, it is allowed. 

What is a host site? 
A host site is the location where a Member reports for day-to-day service. Examples of host sites include community clinics, youth centers, hospices, or social service agencies. 

How are local AmeriCorps teams structured? 
Local AmeriCorps teams are comprised of 5 to 12 Members serving in the same city. Each team is led by a City Supervisor, responsible for overseeing the placement, training, and supervision of Members on their team. One Member on each team serves as the Team Coordinator, who helps coordinate team activity and provides team support throughout the year. This Member receives a higher stipend for their increased responsibilities. One day a week, each team comes together to complete local service projects or receive additional training. Throughout the year, teams also plan and execute a Long-Term Project to benefit their communities and increase awareness about HIV/AIDS. 

I'm interested in applying, but I don't have experience with HIV/AIDS. Can I still apply? 
Yes! We welcome applicants with all levels of experience, as long as they bring something great to the team. To ensure that everyone has the same baseline knowledge and skills, we provide extensive training at the start of the service year. Members also receive additional training and professional development throughout the year.

Can I apply to more than one city site?
Yes. On the supplemental questionnaire, you are asked to rank your choice of service sites. Your application will be reviewed by one site at a time, in the order that you rank them. If you are interested in only one city site, you can also choose to have your application sent to only that site. 

I am a current AmeriCorps Member or AmeriCorps Alum. Can I still apply? 
If you have served and completed one AmeriCorps term by July 2016, you may apply to the program. If you have served two or more AmeriCorps terms or will not complete your current AmeriCorps service before August 2016, you are not eligible to serve with AIDS United.

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline is June 15, 2016 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. However, local teams may fill up as early as April or May. We encourage you to apply early! 

How competitive is the application process? 
Very! In recent years, we have received around 800 applications for 54 slots. Applicants who have previous experience in HIV/AIDS, public health, health education, or community service should highlight that experience on their application. We're looking to build a diverse and well-rounded class of Members, so there's not any "one" thing we're looking for. Click here for more information about what we look for in applicants. 

What is an Education Award? 
Members who successfully complete their service will receive a $5,730 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. This can be used to pay qualified student loans or can be invested in future education at a qualifying institution. To learn more, visit AmeriCorps’ Segal Education Award website. 

What is student loan forbearance? 
As an AmeriCorps Member, you may be eligible to put your qualified federal student loans "on hold" while in service. If you qualify, you do not have to make payments during your service year, and any interest accrued during your service would be paid by AmeriCorps. To see if your loan(s) are eligible, you must contact your loan provider. More information on loan forbearance can be found on the Corporation for National and Community Service website.

Does AIDS United provide housing?
No. Service sites will give you guidance on searching for an affordable place to live but finding and paying for housing is your responsibility.

Does AIDS United provide relocation assistance?
AIDS United does not provide relocation assistance. Local program supervisors can provide information and guidance about moving to and living in the area to select members. AIDS United does provide round-trip transportation from your host city to Pre-Service Training.

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