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I am a Peer Health Advisor for Translatina Network. For the past several years, Translatina Network has had the pleasure to partake in the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. But for me, it was a new experience. I have been playing a growing role in Translatina Network as a Peer Health Advisor for the past several months. I have been able to connect to TGNC (transgender and gender-nonconforming) individuals through one-on-one case management, resume building with clients, facilitating the TGNC Leadership Space, and Queens outreach. The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference served as an opportunity to learn and grow, while reinforcing why I serve my community.

Translatina Network is a non-profit based organization that utilizes in-house services and partnerships to aid the community as best we can. Therefore, the opportunity to experience new perspectives and ideas, share stories and strategies, and to strengthen organizational relationships or even to build new ones became one of my most enjoyable factors at the conference. Fortunately, we were able to extend an invitation to our partners and members of our community to join us for an “end of summer” excursion to Philadelphia. We felt the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference would be a great way to show the number of people and organizations ready to support their beliefs.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center served as a grand venue to host the conference. The venue sported long hallways and high ceilings, and each hallway branched into multiple meeting rooms. As we were coordinating with our group of 20+ individuals, I was also setting up our outreach table. In this familiar setting, I was able to share our work with Philadelphia locals and convention-goers from across the nation.

In addition to “tabling,” Translatina Network was able to give a presentation (for which I was a panelist) about the TGNC Leadership Space, an 8-week leadership development series. During our presentation, I introduced the program to a new audience, explaining the core philosophy and curriculum and why people love it. This was my first time on a panel. It was an honorable and humbling experience. After the workshop, I stayed for several minutes answering questions. As my day came to a close, we gave out extra pizza and French fries to passerby-ers at our table. Beyond just sharing some love through sexual health items and information, we were also sharing smiles.

Ultimately, I found this conference to be successful on multiple fronts. The connecting of people really exemplified how much progress we have made to support the Transgender population. The impact it had on our lives reinvigorated the women and me alike in our goals to advocate, educate, and find employment for trans individuals. I look forward to attending the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference next year!

The Translatina Network is a grantee of the AIDS United Transgender Leadership Initiative. Learn more about the Transgender Leadership Initiative.

Posted By: Guest Blogger: Charlotte Shum, Translatina Network - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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