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Those Who Seek to Divide Us Will Not Succeed

AIDS United joins the organizations and individuals around the globe in expressing our resolve to fight against the hatred on display this week. The events in Charlottesville and the inexcusable response by President Trump remind all of us of the tremendous impact of hatred, violence, and fear have on us as individuals, the communities in which we live, and those that we strive to serve.


AIDS United Announces Richard Sorian as Senior Communications Advisor

AIDS United announced today that Richard Sorian, a respected communications and HIV policy leader, has joined the organization as a Senior Communications Advisor. He will lead efforts to communicate with the public and policymakers about HIV issues, policies and programs.


AIDS United is Moving!

AIDS United is thrilled to announce that as of August 28 we will move two blocks to our new home at 1101 14th Street, NW. The new, modern space will allow us to expand our work ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.


Votes to Preserve Health Care Coverage Deserve Applause

On behalf of people living with and at risk for HIV and other STDS and the millions of other men, women and children who rely on access to high-quality, affordable health care to live the lives they deserve, we applaud the U.S. Senate vote to defeat the dangerous and misguided efforts to damage and destroy the Affordable Care Act.


AIDS United Calls on Trump Administration To Reverse Their Discriminatory Ban on Transgender Individuals Serving in the Military

AIDS United strongly condemns the recent announcement from President Trump stating that the United States Government will no longer accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in the military in any capacity. This decision is an unacceptable and gross display of bigotry that is an insult to all U.S. service members faithfully serving their country. When the Obama administration announced last June that transgender individuals would be able to serve openly in the military, we were not “burdened,” but strengthened. A ban against Americans serving in the military because of their gender identity is a malicious and harmful action that is being carried out not for the safety or efficacy of those in uniform, but for the intolerance of those in power.


Senate Must Halt Attacks on Healthcare for People Living with HIV and Millions of Americans

We are deeply concerned by the Senate’s continuing efforts to take away life-sustaining health care coverage and protections from millions of people who desperately need them. All of the iterations of this legislation threaten the health and well-being of people living with and affected by HIV and other STDs at a time when our nation is making important progress to end the epidemic and STDs are at a 20 year high.


AIDS United Public Policy Committee Position Statement on the BCRA

AIDS United and the undersigned members of the Public Policy Committee urge the Senate to vote no on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BRCA). As detailed below, passage of the Act will result in a loss of access to health care of people living with HIV and will undermine the efforts to end AIDS in the United States.


Senate Health Care Bill is Disastrous for the HIV and STD Community

Today, AIDS United, NASTAD, the National Council of STD Directors, NMAC and The AIDS Institute join together to condemn the inhumane Senate healthcare bill, which will decimate Medicaid, change private insurance reforms that protect people living with or at risk of HIV and/or STDs, and undermines public health infrastructure.


AIDS United Releases Consensus Statement for Providing Trans-Affirming HIV Medical Care, Support Services and Funding

In a community-created consensus statement released today, AIDS United provides critical guidance for clinical providers, funders and social service providers to strengthen their understanding of how best to engage and support transgender communities. The statement provides concrete and measurable steps organizations can take to improve their approach to HIV work in transgender communities and was drafted by 12 transgender leaders at a think tank convened by AIDS United and generously supported by Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP.


AIDS United Announces Vice Presidents John E. Roane Jr. and Valerie L. Rochester

AIDS United, dedicated to ending the HIV epidemic in the United States, has selected John E. Roane Jr. to serve as vice president of operations and Valerie L. Rochester to serve as vice president for strategic grant-making & capacity building. Rochester begins in her role effective today, June 1, 2017 and Roane began his tenure on May 15, 2017.

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News and Updates


Those Who Seek to Divide Us Will Not Succeed

AIDS United joins the organizations and individuals around the globe ...

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