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Policy Priorities

Policy Priorities


We will ensure that Congress and the Administration have the basic facts of scientific advances in HIV treatment and prevention to ensure the U.S. enacts and implements sound public policies to reverse the course of the HIV epidemic.

We will ensure strong grassroots involvement in education and advocacy focused on Congress and the Administration through AIDSWatch and state and regional advocacy.


We will work to ensure that the annual federal budget and appropriations process results in funding levels that allow the U.S. to take advantage of scientific advances to end the HIV epidemic and that are responsive to the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), health care reform, and to the needs of vulnerable populations.    

We will advocate strong funding for domestic HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and research, nutrition programs, housing programs, and workforce education and development.  We also will advocate an end to the damaging sequester and replacement with a balanced approach to deficit reduction that includes revenue growth.  

We will advocate adequate funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service, which includes the Social Innovation Fund and AmeriCorps.  

We will oppose severe funding cuts to other federal domestic programs that serve low-income people and vulnerable populations.

We will support maintaining strong U.S. leadership on funding that addresses global HIV/AIDS.


We will advocate policies that reposition HIV/AIDS prevention and care in the context of prevention and management of other chronic diseases and co-morbidities of HIV.

We will advocate full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the national and state levels so that all people with living with HIV/AIDS have access to and are retained in HIV treatment and care.  

We will advocate for all states to accept the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion provision.  We will advocate for all states and the federal government to ensure that all health insurance marketplaces offer health insurance plans that offer benefits and coverage that meet the medical needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and are in compliance with the ACA.

We will advocate building on ACA implementation to develop new health care delivery systems that include payer reform.

We will advocate for public policies and programs to implement a dramatic scaling up of HIV testing and linkage to care, including availability of routine HIV testing in clinical, institutional, drug treatment, and community settings.

We will advocate for public policies and programs to expand and train the health care and social service workforces, especially primary health care professionals and social workers.

We will advocate policies that increase adequate and stable housing for people living with or at risk for HIV.

We will advocate policies that expand food and nutrition programs and that reflect the inclusion of food and nutrition in the continuum of services for people with HIV.

We will advocate policies and programs that focus on Hepatitis C and that reflect the co-morbidity with HIV.

We will advocate passage of comprehensive immigration reform that includes provisions that address the health needs of immigrants and equal treatment for the immigrant partners of U.S. citizens.

We will continue to support robust implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy with a strong focus on coordination among federal agencies, expansion of the twelve cities initiative, and improved coordination in low-prevalence areas.


AU supports and will advocate a timely reauthorization of the Ryan White Program.

We will advocate strengthening the Ryan White Program to ensure the continuance and uptake of HIV treatment and care services as full implementation of health care reform proceeds under the Affordable Care Act.

We will work to ensure that the Ryan White Program continues as a safety net for people living with HIV who remain uninsured or underinsured.

We will provide core leadership to achieve a community consensus on providing a strong vision for the future role of the Ryan White Program in linking people living with HIV/AIDS to affordable care and treatment, providing care and treatment, helping to maintain them in care and treatment and helping them to adhere to treatment that results in increasing viral suppression, lowering the rates of infections in communities, and ensuring that people living with HIV lead longer, healthier lives.


We will promote state and federal policies to reduce new HIV infections through a combination of evidence-based behavioral, biomedical, and structural strategies.

We will advocate for ending the ban on the use of federal funds for syringe exchange programs.

We will advocate for increased support for implementing effective biomedical prevention interventions that use anti-retroviral strategies [Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), vaginal and rectal microbicides, and treatment as prevention] in combination with primary prevention activities.

We will advocate for increased support of HIV prevention research to expand the range of effective biomedical, behavioral, and structural HIV prevention interventions among populations most affected by HIV and most at risk of infection.  

We will advocate policies that ensure maximum alignment of HIV prevention resources with updated HIV surveillance data.

We will advocate state and federal policies that advance comprehensive sex education and that promote a public health perspective on sexual health.


We will advocate policies that promote inclusion of people with HIV and that reflect and respect the racial and ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of towards people with HIV.  

We will oppose policies and laws that serve to stigmatize or discriminate against people with HIV.  We will focus especially on federal level efforts in support of repealing and opposing laws that reinforce disease-focused stigma, including criminalizing HIV.  We will oppose the use of other criminal laws in ways that stigmatize and discriminate against people living with or believed to be living with chronic diseases, including HIV.

We will support reauthorization of the Older Americans Act that includes provisions that include older Americans living with HIV.

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