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We have the science and tools to end the HIV epidemic, but every year, more than 45,000 people still contract HIV. Act now and let legislators know that they represent constituents who stand up and take a leadership role in HIV/AIDS issues! We made it easy. Make your voice heard today by clicking on the “Act Now” button and follow the simple steps to send a pre-written, editable letter to your elected officials.

Stand Up for Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands!

For weeks, the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have implored members of Congress and the Trump administration to provide them with the aide and resources needed to recover and rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. What they received was a lethargic and woefully insufficient response that has compounded the suffering brought on by the hurricanes themselves, leaving millions without access to electricity, water, food and health care.

Help us fight for the health and welfare of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Call on Congress to do their job and pass legislation that supports hurricane recovery.

Reject Draconian Cuts to HIV Programs!

Now, more than ever, we must make our voices heard and let every member of Congress know how crucial robust HIV funding is to the health and welfare of their district or state. As they begin work on their FY 2018 budget, it is imperative that we maintain constant and unyielding pressure on our representatives and ensure that Congress protect and invest in the lives of Americans living with HIV.

Tell Congress to reject President Trump’s Draconian Cuts to HIV!

Altering Medicaid Shortchanges People Living with HIV

Republican proposals to alter the Medicaid program would be devastating for people living with HIV. Right now, Medicaid provides insurance to more than 40% of people living with HIV who are in care. 

Changes to the Medicaid program structure, like block granting the program or instituting per capita caps, shift costs to the states in the name of ‘flexibility.’ In reality, these changes ‘pass the buck’ to state governments who will then need to decide how to make the program work with less federal money. This is the biggest threat to health care as we know it.  Under these proposals, people living with HIV only stand to lose. 

Tell Congress: Block granting or instituting per capita caps on Medicaid shortchanges people living with HIV. 

An AIDS-Free Generation
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