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POP Grantees
Positive Organizing Project (POP) grantees tackle HIV-related stigma and discrimination in their communities by advancing grassroots organizing among people living with HIV. From addressing the unique needs of people aging with HIV in Florida, to a statewide campaign led by women tackling HIV criminalization laws in South Carolina, POP grantees harness the power and resiliency inherent in their communities to make a clear difference in the lives of people living with HIV across the nation.

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AIDS Alabama

A+A: Alabama Positive Action is a resource and skill building initiative to support a direct action planned and led by people living with HIV in Alabama, run by AIDS Alabama. Through A+A, AIDS Alabama will host a statewide advocacy summit to train and empower people living with HIV with tailored advocacy skills to affect change in the state legislature. During the 2017 legislative session, people living with HIV will lead a coordinated direct action in the state capital to advocate on behalf of people living with and affected by HIV.

AIDS Alabama devotes its energy and resources statewide to helping people with HIV/AIDS live healthy, independent lives and works to prevent the spread of HIV.

Brothers United Inc.

Brothers United has built a network of over African-Americans living with HIV across Indiana. Through their Positive Organizing Project, Brother’s United is organizing strong consumer advisory board that will work with the state and local health departments to ensure the voices of African-Americans living with HIV are represented. In addition, this project works with the HIV Modernization Movement to achieve HIV disclosure and criminalization reform.

The mission of Brothers United is to enhance the overall health and wellness of our community including those who are gender, sexual, racial minorities and the people who live and work in our neighborhoods.

Harlem United

Harlem United’s Action Community Transformation Success! (ACTS!) Peer Leadership Program will increase and strengthen the leadership development of clients living with HIV across the organization’s grassroots mobilization and public education activities. Empowered as graduates of Harlem United’s successful Vocational Education (VOCED) program, peer leaders will be paid a stipend to be implementers, issue experts, and decision makers to address stigma and improve the social, legal, and political environments that affect them and their communities. The idea for this program came from ACTS! participants who wanted opportunities to apply their skills and experiences as advocates, particularly within the context of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to end the AIDS epidemic in New York state by 2020.

Harlem United's mission is to provide 100% access to quality HIV/AIDS care for all our clients, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation

International Community of Women Living with HIV-North America (ICW-NA)

ICW-NA plans to implement two Feminist Movement Building Workshops in New Jersey and North Carolina. The Feminist Movement Building Workshops support local and regional networks of women living with HIV to strengthen their internal cohesion and collectively adopt ways to push back against internal factors that may threaten or weaken the movement.

Each workshop will engage 15 women living with HIV who will become ICW ambassadors with strengthened involvement in the gender and HIV response. Following this, each cohort will have a micro grant to implement an advocacy activity that they will develop in the workshop. Addressing the disparities faced by women living with HIV requires greater and more meaningful involvement of women.

International Community of Women Living with HIV - North America exists to lead efforts to secure and improve the quality of life for women living with HIV in Canada and the United States. We do this by mobilizing, organizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues and policies that directly impact our lives

Life Foundation

Life Foundation aims to initiate and develop the first-ever group of culturally diverse leaders from all Hawaiian Islands who are living with HIV. These leaders will come together for a retreat during which they will formulate a strategic plan; develop activities for an education campaign; assign roles; develop a timeline; and design outcomes with a unified mission that will provide sustenance, support and aloha.

Hawaii and Life Foundation have been very successful at testing the general population, guiding those who test positive and keeping viral loads of HIV+ persons at undetectable levels. LF clients have stayed alive for a long time. This is all due to the success of outreach efforts based on grassroots mobilization and active engagement of those living with HIV. Hawaii is a close-knit community and this is a cultural model that works!

Life Foundation's mission is: To stop the spread of HIV and AIDS; to empower those affected by HIV/AIDS and maximize their quality of life; to provide leadership and advocacy in responding to the AIDS epidemic; and, to apply the skills and lessons learned from the AIDS epidemic to other related areas of public health or concern

Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI)

The Louisiana Stigma Index Project is a community driven research, action, empowerment, and linkage to care project led by people living with HIV to assess experiences of HIV-related stigma and discrimination. 12 peers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge will conduct interview with over 300 people living with HIV. At the end of each interview, interviewees are referred to medical and supportive services based on their identified needs. The information gathered from the interviews will be used to inform the development of future programs and policy efforts to create a more supportive environment for PLWH and HIV prevention & care in Louisiana

LPHI is a public health institute that works to improve the health and well-being of all Louisianans.

National Native American AIDS Prevention Center 

Natives Speaking Up! is a nationwide campaign encouraging American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Indigenous peoples to talk about ending HIV in Native communities. Each video will be 30-60 seconds and posted on and websites. This project will fight stigma by showing that Native people support and want HIV prevention efforts for their communities and emotionally and spiritually support those Native who are HIV positive, regardless of the distance between Tribal lands.

The mission of the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center is to eliminate HIV/AIDS, HCV, and STIs and confront related health and social determinants that negatively impact American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian and Indigenous peoples.

New Mexico Community AIDS Partnership (NMCAP)

NMCAP is developing New Mexico’s first community-based advocacy group consisting of people living with HIV. The new advocacy group will represent the diverse population of people living with HIV in New Mexico. The advocacy group will work with providers and state HIV programs to ensure that the needs and experiences of people living with HIV be included in planning and evaluation of programs and services that serve them.

NMCAP works to assure that the diverse populations of New Mexico receive high quality, culturally appropriate HIV prevention, education and care. NMCAP focuses on innovative and collaborative programs, targeting otherwise underserved and vulnerable populations.

PWN-USA-South Carolina

South Carolina HIV/AIDS Criminalization Ambassadors, a project of Positive Women's Network-USA (PWN-USA) South Carolina Chapter, supports the development of a vibrant statewide HIV decriminalization campaign led by women living with HIV in South Carolina. PWN-SC will train a group of South Carolina HIV Anti-Criminalization Ambassadors to mobilize people living with HIV and other partner organizations to educate legislators and other strategic targets with the goal of passing legislation to reform or repeal South Carolina HIV laws that criminalize people living with and vulnerable to HIV.

PWN-USA envisions a world where women living with HIV can live long, healthy, dignified and productive lives, free from stigma and discrimination. PWN’s mission is to prepare and involve all women living with HIV, in all our diversity, including gender identity and sexual expression, in all levels of policy and decision-making.

Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services, Inc.

Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services, Inc. (PALSS) will facilitate a new grassroots initiative called Project Lead to provide in-depth advocacy and leadership training to people living with HIV in central South Carolina. Participants will engage with local politicians, address community groups, and design materials for a social media outreach campaign that will combat stigma.

PALSS believes that networks of people living with HIV, who are trained and motivated to engage in advocacy, are a vital force and necessary resource in the HIV epidemic. These networks will have a significant impact on policy development, service delivery, stigma and reducing or eliminating new infections. Project Lead increases the opportunity for people living with HIV to be involved at every level of the process that most closely impacts their own health.

Founded in 1985, Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services provides education, health, housing and human services, to persons living with and communities affected by chronic disease with a historical focus on HIV and AIDS.

Prevention Access Campaign

Prevention Access Campaigns’ Undetectable = Untransmittable and See Something Say Something (S4) campaigns are breaking barriers! To fight against decades of fear of HIV, fear of people living with HIV, and the intersecting stigma surrounding HIV, we need a strong and inspired community to push, sometimes aggressively, to get people to say Undetectable = Untransmittable.

Groundbreaking research from as far back as 2008, concluded that people living with HIV who were undetectable cannot transmit HIV, but it wasn’t being accurately communicated to the people and field it was intended to benefit. That life-changing, stigma-busting, transmission-stopping science was filtered by the intersecting stigma, biases, sex-negativity, complacency, fear, and politics in the field. S4 trains and supports people living with HIV to identify, report, and resolve inaccuracies, biases, and stigma wherever and whenever they find. It’s up to us to control the narrative about us.

Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) is a multi-agency health equity initiative to end the dual epidemics of HIV and HIV-related stigma by expanding access to HIV prevention and empowering people with and vulnerable to HIV with accurate and meaningful information

Special Service for Groups – APAIT

Act Now aims to increase the capacity of people living with HIV to advocate for themselves and their community. The program will provide workshops to help people living with HIV gain advocacy skills to increase self- and collective-efficacy and can be applied beyond the program for participants to live independently, as well as better manage their HIV and overall health.

Additionally, through structured social advocacy and empowerment efforts led by people living with HIV (e.g., community outreach, speaker’s bureau, and letter writing and multimedia campaigns), Act Now will reduce stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV and provide culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV prevention messages for those disproportionately at-risk. Additionally, Act Now strives to make local community-based organizations and partner coalitions more inclusive of PLWH input, along with empowering PLWH to become community leaders and advocate for their rights.

APAIT’s mission is to positively impact the quality of life for medically underserved communities living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS and other health disparities through culturally competent and linguistically appropriate programs in Southern California.


To address the needs of an aging population living with HIV and the issues surrounding long-­term management of HIV/AIDS, SunServe will host the HIV/AIDS Silver Tsunami Conference under the leadership of self-disclosed HIV+ keynote speaker, David Fawcett, Ph.D., LCSW. Participants in SunServe’s HIV/AIDS Silver Tsunami Conference will gain access to experts in long-­term HIV/AIDS management on topics related to mental health, medical care and the social needs of people living with HIV over the age of 60.

Furthermore, SunServe hopes that the recruitment of a Conference Advisory Board (with a majority membership of self-disclosed people living with HIV), the leadership of Dr. Fawcett, and an open invitation to the community to a conference focused solely on the great needs of those aging with HIVS, South Florida will continue to see that SunServe has always been/will always be a place molded by leadership of people living with HIV.

SunServe’s mission is to provide critical life assistance and professional mental health services with an emphasis on economically disadvantaged, marginalized youth, and senior adults in the greater South Florida metropolitan area.

The Women’s Collective

To enhance grassroots mobilization and engagement of people living with HIV within service delivery systems, the Women’s Collective (TWC) will provide HIV advocacy training to women living with HIV over the course of a two-day retreat. The retreat will cover topics such as HIV/AIDS funding, Community Planning Groups, testifying for local and federal government agencies, public speaking, etc. The advocacy training will ensure that the voices of women and girls living with HIV are at the tables where funding decisions and policies are being made. TWC will also work with a core group of women living with HIV to form a speakers’ bureau that will create a platform for women to speak about their experience living with HIV.

The Women's Collective’s mission is to empower women, girls, and their families by providing them with the skills and linkages to meet their self-defined needs, increase their access to care and support, and engage them so that they are best equipped to ‘own’ their health outcomes, improve their quality of life, and protect their rights.


THRIVE SS builds political power among a large, statewide network of Black, Gay Advocates living with HIV. Advocates living with HIV will train black, gay/bi men living with HIV in the THRIVE network on HIV-­‐specific policy advocacy and grassroots organizing.

This network will create a policy agenda specific to black, gay/bi men living with HIV in Georgia and create an anti-stigma, people living with HIV-centered HIV fact sheet for community leaders. Advocates will also serve as in-district points of contact to educate and work one‐on-one with legislators and other community leaders in highly HIV-impacted districts to raise consciousness about the lives of people living with HIV in Georgia. Additionally, THRIVE is partnering with Equality Foundation of GA to create an HIV policy fellowship at specifically for Black, Gay/Bi Men living with HIV.

The mission of the THRIVE SS is to help HIV-Positive people to not only achieve viral suppression, but also to aid them in building a local network that is self-sustaining, uplifting and mutually beneficial.

Thrive Tribe Foundation

At Thrive Tribe Foundation (TTF), grassroots mobilization allows for an authentic and intimate connection within the HIV community. TTF flourishes with peer-to-peer connections because the majority of the leaders, staff, and volunteers are gay men living with HIV. The overall goals of the project are: 1) attract, engage and involve members; 2) develop more people living with HIV as leaders; and 3) engage PLWH and community members in environments and leadership development that is free from stigma.

The mission of Thrive Tribe Foundation is to end HIV transmission and stigma through peer-to-peer empowerment, building a stronger community, and connecting our members to care.

UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond

SISTA SPACE is a social service, support, and resource program geared toward, built around and run by transgender women of color living with HIV in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

SISTA SPACE will establish and maintain safe spaces for young transgender women and build capacity, infrastructure, strength and solidarity while providing resources, services and projects that help to build the economic, educational, physical, mental and spiritual safety and well-being of transgender women of color. By creating economic opportunities while increasing solidarity and social support, SISTA SPACE will improve the social determinants to health of young transgender women of color living with HIV in Southeastern Michigan.

UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond advances prevention, access to health care, community research and advocacy.

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