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Positive Organizing Project (POP)

Getting Back to Our Roots: Engaging People Living with HIV as More than Just Patients

Positive Organizing Project (POP), supported by Gilead Sciences, Inc., is designed to revitalize a grass-roots organizing movement among people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) that impacts HIV-related stigma, raises education and awareness among policy makers, and indirectly improves outcomes along the continuum of care. The program supports local organizing efforts to address stigma and engagement in care. This is being accomplished by (1) revitalizing the movement of HIV-positive mobilization in local communities, and (2) ensuring synergistic efforts that help us document models that are effective in achieving organizing goals, and can be shared and scaled elsewhere.

“Empowering people living with HIV and creating local coalitions to make change in their communities is just as critical now as it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago,” said AIDS United President & CEO Jesse Milan, Jr. "Great things have been accomplished when people living with HIV have come together as advocates and leaders. The Positive Organizing Project is channeling our movement’s powerful legacy of leadership and grassroots mobilization to tackle a new generation of problems.”

From focusing on the unique needs and experiences of transgender women, providing mentorship and policy training to youth living with HIV, mobilizing African Americans in Indiana, to expanding peer support for women living with HIV – each of the grantee organizations are harnessing the power and resiliency inherent in their communities to make a clear difference in the lives of people living with HIV. Learn more about the 2016-17 POP projects!

AIDS United is no longer accepting applications for the Positive Organizing Project.

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Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV (MIPA)

MIPA Webinar

This webinar co-hosted with The US People Living with HIV Caucus, explores the history and value of meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in the national response to the epidemic. Viewers learned about the impact that involvement of people living with HIV can have, from the front lines of advocacy and peer services to the leadership of community organizations. Life Foundation of Hawaii shares lessons learned from their own positive organizing work.This is an important webinar to watch for those interested in starting or growing their own positive organizing efforts.

Download Slides Here

MIPA Factsheet

This resource from AIDS United and The US People Living with HIV Caucus shares best practices to incorporate MIPA into your organization, including how MIPA benefits CBOs, tools to assess MIPA at your organization, and mechanisms for greater involvement of people living with HIV. This work takes time but the investment in MIPA is critical, doable, and well worth the effort.

Download the resource here!

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