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Sector Transformation provides grants, technical assistance, and opportunities for reverse site visits to HIV/AIDS service organizations that are navigating the challenges to service sustainability posed by shifts in funding, implementation of health care reform, and scientific advances in HIV treatment and prevention.

Applicants must be non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organizations or have a fiscal agent. Sector Transformation supports tangible restructuring activities within a one-year timeframe, though some entities may be received second year funding depend on resources, needs, and success. Organizations led by and focused on serving women, people of color, and transgender communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Not sure if your organization qualifies? Just ask! Reach out to the Sector Transformation team at [email protected].


  • Sector Transformation offers grants of up to $50,000 for costs of restructuring activities. These expenses may include staff, program, consultants, and legal expenses.
  • Grant funding is only available to organizations that are actively engaged in organizational restructuring activities. Documentation of Board approval and engagement in these activities is required.
  • Full grant proposals are accepted by invitation only and are reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Sector Transformation grant funding opportunities for 2017 have closed.

Technical Assistance:

  • Sector Transformation also offers specialized technical assistance for specific restructuring-related activities.
  • Technical Assistance requests can be included in part of a grant application or submitted on their own.
  • Examples of Technical Assistance support include board development, media planning, cultural integration, and succession planning.
  • Technical Assistance requests are reviewed on a rolling basis: complete a Technical Assistance Request Form to apply.

Reverse Site Visits:

  • When an organization is going through restructuring, it can be helpful to visit an organization that offers a successful model of the planned new structure. AIDS United refers to these trips as “Reverse Site Visits.” If approved, AIDS United would cover up to $2,000 for travel expenses for 2 senior staff members.
  • Reverse Site Visit requests are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis: complete a Reverse Site Visit Request Form to apply.

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