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The Trump Administration has launched its latest attack against people living with HIV (PLHIV) — and we need your help to fight back! 

A new proposed rule would change the “protected class status” of anti-retrovirals under Medicare Part D, which allows PLHIV to have direct access to the best treatments as prescribed by their doctor. Over the last fifteen years, this policy has saved and improved millions of lives and brought us closer than ever to our shared goal of ending the HIV epidemic in the United States.

If enacted, the Administration’s proposed rule change could clear the way for insurance companies to control decisions about patients’ access to drugs, rather than providers working directly with the patients they treat. This could harm the health of the quarter of all Americans -- or more than 250,000 people -- living with HIV who rely on Medicare, forcing many off the medications they currently rely on and requiring newly diagnosed people to use therapies that may not be right for them.

TAKE ACTION: Click the appropriate button below to share your story and why you oppose this unnecessary change to our Medicare system. Together, we can stop the Trump Administration from rolling back our progress, hurting hundreds of thousands of people living with HIV, and risking a resurgence of the epidemic. The more noise we’re able to make, the better chance we’ll have at convincing the Administration to abandon this harmful proposal.



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