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Duane Cramer

Duane Cramer

Founder and Creative Director, Duane Cramer Creative (DCC)

Duane Cramer is known internationally for his inspired photography and social marketing expertise. Cramer’s first published images graced the pages of Harpers Bazaar Latin America in 1996, and since then his work has been featured in Vibe, British GQ, The New York Times and other prominent publications. He has uniquely framed and captured images from the President of the United States of America to top models, Academy and Grammy Award winning artists and Olympians. Cramer’s artistic passion gives him strength in his personal fight against HIV while visually documenting the impact of AIDS on people who too often go unnoticed.

As a trustee for organizations established to make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, Cramer’s contributions to world-wide prevention efforts are well known and recognized and indicative of his unwavering commitment to service.

As Founder and Creative Director of Duane Cramer Creative (DCC), Cramer and his team provide specialized advertising and business consulting services to groups, foundations and agencies. In this capacity, Cramer has become one of the most sought after photographers for organizations seeking leadership and direction in capturing and applying relevant imagery through national campaigns.

Early accomplishments and preparation for leadership started when Cramer earned his B.B.A (Marketing) from the University of Southern California, followed by 18 years of corporate leadership. He gained critical support, inspiration, and mentoring from his father, Joe. J. Cramer, Jr. PhD, who died from AIDS related complications in 1986 (while professor and associate dean of the business school at Howard University Washington, D.C.). Duane says “HIV has been living with me” since 1996.

Cramer has tapped his artistic gifts and passion to fuel his HIV activism. He encourages others, particularly African Americans, to know their HIV status and take action to live healthy lives. Cramer’s leadership and influence has become vital for the international efforts to raise awareness and bring an end to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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