“Being an AmeriCorps member has taught me about the strength and resiliency that people have. My experience has given me insight into some of the systems at play that create inequalities within our communities, and how we must understand these systems of inequality in order to begin to make actual, meaningful change.”

AmeriCorps Team Member, Cleveland, OH


As the first and broadest-reaching national AmeriCorps program focusing specifically on HIV prevention and care, the AIDS United AmeriCorps Program delivers vital resources while training the next generation of AIDS leaders.

Since 1994, the AIDS United AmeriCorps Program has trained and supported more than 700 youth and adult members who share a passion for making a difference and saving lives. Partnering cities value the impact and energy of members who provide a variety of direct services where they are most needed.

Placements in the 2013 Service Year
  • Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Detroit, MI
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Washington, DC
Sector Transformation Initiative

Over the last few years new developments in the HIV/AIDS field have changed funding availability and funding priorities for community-based organizations across the United States. With catalytic support from Johnson & Johnson, AIDS United created the Sector Transformation initiative, which provides cash grants and/or specialized technical assistance for communities to engage in strategic restructuring efforts (e.g. mergers, responsible client transition, service integration) that will optimize HIV/AIDS service delivery in a new funding and regulatory landscape. Some of the grantee activities included: educating stakeholders in community-wide meetings and initiating productive dialogue towards community coordination; developing formal coalitions of community-based stakeholders to address transformation on an ongoing basis; coordinating services among local organizations like AIDS service organizations and community health centers; and exploring more in-depth transformation.

Sector Transformation
Initiative Grantees:
  • AIDS Alabama, Birmingham, AL
  • AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • AIDS Funding Collaborative, Cleveland, OH
  • Indiana AIDS Fund, Indianapolis, IN
  • Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI), New Orleans, LA
  • Michigan AIDS Coalition, Detroit, MI
  • New Jersey AIDS Partnership, New Brunswick, NJ
  • New Mexico Community Foundation, Santa Fe, NM
  • Washington AIDS Partnership, Washington, DC

Supported through a cooperative agreement with the CDC, m2MPower works to engage organizations focused on LGBTQ issues and mobilize them. In particular, m2MPower focuses on increasing attention on HIV and prevention efforts for gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

Recent m2MPower highlights include the “What’s in Your HIV Prevention Toolbox” social media video competition to encourage organizations to start thinking in a broader framework. The competition invited community-based organizations to create their own social media video messages to address the question and garner the most votes. Winning organizations received a cash incentive from AIDS United to help further bolster HIV prevention outreach to the gay men they serve using the videos they created.

Another HIV mobilization effort was the partnership AIDS United created with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. AIDS United worked with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to encourage development of HIV-focused content for the January 2014 Creating Change Conference, which included 16 workshops focused exclusively on HIV/AIDS, an HIV testing campaign, a plenary session with some of the country’s top HIV leaders, and moderated by AIDS United President & CEO Michael Kaplan, and 4,000 other HIV-associated activities over the course of the conference.

AIDS United has also been working with several other national LGBTQ organizations to ensure a greater focus on HIV-related issues within their communication materials and training for all of their staff on the latest updates related to HIV/AIDS.

All of these efforts mobilize organizations and communities alike to increase their capacity to be able to discuss and educate others on HIV prevention in real and meaningful ways.

Top Three m2MPower
Video Submissions