Message from the Board Chair


HIV has been a part of my life since 1987 when my best friend was diagnosed. Since then, I have been involved with what is now known as Legacy Community Health Services, first as a volunteer, then a board member, and for the past 17 years as CEO. I have witnessed the profound shifts and breakthroughs in the epidemic—how we test for it, how we treat it, and how we prevent its transmission.

I am truly honored to have been elected Chair of AIDS United’s Board of Trustees. My predecessor, Douglas M. Brooks, was appointed as the new director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. He is the first gay African-American man living with HIV to hold the post, and we on the AIDS United Board of Trustees could not be more proud of this incredible achievement. Douglas was the founding Chair of AIDS United when National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action Council merged in 2011, and he saw the organization through some wonderful growth in a short period of time. We wish him well in his new position, and know that his experience and dedication makes him uniquely qualified to continue advancing the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

The work of AIDS United continues on! We remain committed to grantmaking, policy, advocacy, and capacity building. These efforts support innovative community-based interventions, advocacy for sound health policy, and tested and tried capacity-building tools.

We are grateful for your dedication and support of our cause. On behalf of AIDS United’s Board of Trustees, I offer this 2013 Annual Report. It tells a story of how far we have come. The next chapters of the AIDS United story are ours to write together, they lead to the finale of our epic tale, a country—a world—without HIV/AIDS.