Message from the President & CEO


AIDS United operates with a clear and concise mission of ending AIDS in America—and that’s a battle the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared can be won. While there remains much to do to get there, it’s clear the time for action is now.

In the last four years, the government outlined our country’s first National HIV/AIDS Strategy and expanded access to care through the Affordable Care Act. New research has shown that early treatment not only extends the life of those infected, but can also reduce transmissibility by 96%. We’ve seen the FDA approve a single daily pill for populations at high risk for HIV infection, as well as the introduction of the care continuum, which offers new ways of effectively targeting resources around those most in need.

We know more—and have more—at our disposal than I ever could have dreamt of 23 years ago when I was first diagnosed HIV-positive. Yet the challenges we face remain clear: Of the more than 1.1 million people estimated to be living with HIV in the United States,

  • 18% don’t know their status
  • 34% haven’t seen an HIV doctor
  • 63% don’t regularly see their doctor, and
  • 75% aren’t virally suppressed.

That’s why, whether through strategic grantmaking to improve linkage and retention in care, syringe access, advocacy for expanded health care or sector transformation, all of it is undertaken to achieve and advance our mission. Because we know that at the end of the day these aren’t just numbers, they’re people’s lives.

Four years ago AIDS United was born out of the successful merger between National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action Council, and I’ve felt blessed to have taken over the helm. As you’ll see on the following pages, there’s so much for us to be proud of.

We know that to end AIDS requires we all work together, and so I would like to dedicate this report to our many partners: the generous donors that make this work possible; the Board of Trustees that give talent and treasure to help guide us; grantees, members, and advocates who amplify our results; and our hardworking staff who show up every day with a full heart and a clear mission of what we’re all fighting for.

Thank you for your help, your partnership, your investment, and your belief in AIDS United. We do this work together, and together we can end AIDS.