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Amid a Changing House & Uncertain Senate, HIV Advocates Look to Make Gains in 2019

While there is still plenty that is left to be done over the next few weeks during the Lame Duck session of Congress, it is hard for HIV and health care advocates not to look past the imminent back-and-forth’s over federal spending for the current fiscal year towards the new legislative opportunities that may present themselves next year.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 16, 2018


Mourning Those We’ve Lost and Supporting Survivors on TDOR and Every Day

Zane Stephens, co-founder and director of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, reflects on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Posted By: Guest Blogger: Zane Stephens, Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico - Friday, November 16, 2018


2 Years in the Making, The Blue Wave Delivers as Promised on Election Day

While the dust has yet to fully settle from Tuesday’s midterm elections, it is now abundantly clear that the “blue wave” that had been predicted and presaged by a slew of Democratic special election victories and by broad popular discontent with the policies of President Trump and many of his fellow Republicans in Congress has indeed come to pass.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 09, 2018


What the Next Congress Could Mean For People Living With HIV

AIDS United tries to provide a more tailored preview of the ways in which this new Congress will impact health care, HIV funding, drug pricing, and a host of other issues that are the enduring focus of the HIV advocacy community.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 09, 2018


Washington Healthcare Round Up: Junk Insurance and Medicare Drug Pricing

Although legislators have entered campaign mode in full swing ahead of November 6th’s midterm elections, this week has still been an active one in federal health care policy. Check out AIDS United's update on the state of our lawsuit against the Trump administration's Short Term, Limited Duration Insurance & the latest on Secretary Azar's drug pricing plan.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 02, 2018


Chances for a Bipartisan Appropriations Process Following the Midterms Look Grim

What will happen during the “lame duck” session of Congress that takes place between the midterm elections this coming Tuesday and the official end of the 115th Congress in the middle of December is entirely dependent on how the 2 major parties are received by voters on November 6th. However, irrespective of who wins control of the House and Senate and who loses, the result is not likely to be pretty

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 02, 2018


Voting in the Midterms is HIV Advocacy

It may not feel like it, but filling in those little boxes on that ballot could be the loudest, most impactful statement you make all year. Join us--be an HIV voter and make sure all our voices are heard in the halls of power in the next Congress and beyond.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, November 02, 2018


We #WontBeErased: Responding to Government Transphobia

As has often been said, backlash is only a sign of success. Our community has always fought back against hatred and violence and declared ourselves real, legitimate, and worthy of recognition. We will not stop now.

Posted By: Shannon Wyss, Program Manager - Thursday, November 01, 2018


Stepping Away from the HIV Kumbaya

Alejandro Acosta reflects on his HIV diagnosis and how it motivates him to share his story and educate others.

Posted By: Guest Blogger: Alejandro Acosta, HIV Project Coordinator, Equality Florida - Wednesday, October 31, 2018


A Florida Ballot Initiative Looks to Restore Voting Rights to 1.4 Million People

The 2018 midterm election cycle has been characterized as much for the lengths that state governments are willing to go to disenfranchise voters as by the platforms or rhetoric of the candidates themselves. However, while much of the news concerning voting rights has been grim this year, there is a ballot initiative in Florida that could help counterbalance that in a major way.

Posted By: AIDS United, Policy Department - Friday, October 26, 2018

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