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Long-Term Survivors Thrive with HIV!

As we open Pride month, I am thankful for so many things, particularly your support. Today marks 38 years since the CDC first reported on a few mysterious cases of an unknown disease among gay men that we have since come to know as AIDS. Fittingly, this annual reminder of all those lost to this epidemic, also marks HIV Long-Term Survivors Day, a day to remember the countless people whose indomitable spirits and valuable lives have endured.

As someone who acquired HIV during those early years, I feel truly fortunate that I'm still here today when so many I loved and knew are gone. Yet even in grief, exhaustion, and anger, I believed deep in my soul than an end to this epidemic would happen in my lifetime. Now it's within in our grasp. I’m here and I'm healthy -- and so are thousands of long-term survivors across our nation. I am reinvigorated by a new reality for myself, and everyone in our community: that we can end this epidemic.

Thanks to the coordinated advocacy of community members like you, we have a national plan, not just to address HIV, but to END the HIV epidemic by 2030. AIDS United is working each day to hold this Administration accountable and ensure that no one is left out or behind – particularly those living with HIV and its long-term survivors. We recently scored a major victory when after months of tireless advocacy for and by supporters like you, HHS walked back proposed changes to Medicare Part D that would've restricted access to treatment for enrollees living with HIV.

As I reflect on my life, I'm so grateful for the many things that effective HIV treatment has allowed me to accomplish and the history-making events I've been able to witness: from same-sex marriage, to the election of transgender lawmakers, to our first Black president, to PrEP and U=U. We are making history every day. And I will not stop until we make history one more time and end this epidemic forever.

Let's make history together by ending this epidemic once and for all.


Jesse Milan, Jr., J.D.
President & CEO

Posted By: Jesse Milan, Jr., J.D. - Wednesday, June 05, 2019

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