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AIDSWatch Fact Sheets

HIV, once an almost universally fatal disease, can now be managed as a chronic medical condition. New and improved medications, expanded health coverage options, and an updated understanding of the relationship between treatment, care, and prevention have created a new paradigm for the HIV epidemic in the United States— and the promise of ending new infections.

Fulfilling this promise, however, will require sound policy, adequate resources, and leadership. There must be collaboration—across the political aisle; between federal, state, and local governments; and among the public and private sectors.

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  • Overview - AIDSWatch 2017

    In the United States, 2017 marks 36 years since the virus that would later become known as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first detected. As a nation, we have made tremendous progress in understanding HIV’s biology and in developing effective treatment and prevention strategies. What was once an almost universally fatal disease can now be managed as a chronic medical condition when access and support for comprehensive care and treatment are ensured, allowing people to remain healthy and productive.

  • AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition

    FY2017 Appropriations for Federal HIV/AIDS Programs

  • Health Care Acess

    Protect access to health care for people living with HIV.

  • Adolescent Sexual Health Education

    Young people under the age of 25 accounted for more than 1 in 5 new HIV infections in 2014.

  • 1-Page Summary of AIDSWatch Legislative Asks

    Once an unimaginable goal, we now have the knowledge and tools to end AIDS in America.

  • HIV Criminalization

    HIV criminal laws often are based on scientifically inaccurate depictions of HIV risks and transmissions routes rather than real science.

  • Health Care Access - Talking Points for AIDSWatch 2017

    Clear talking points to support AIDSWatch 2017 legislative asks related to health care.

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